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Glue Films designs a wide range of video content, for online marketing, from web based commercials, corporate films, front of website promotion, digital posters and viral video blogs to raise brand awareness through social media.
Graham O’Hare, Director, Glue Films
  • Glue Films designs and delivers online video marketing content.
  • We bring our TV and advertising video production knowledge to local businesses of all sizes
  • We provide the complete package of video content design, with a range of products to fit all budgets.

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How can we be part of your business marketing strategy

The first questions we ask potential clients are how can video fit in to your business marketing strategy?

How can we identified your target audience and on what social media platforms are you planning to communicate your businesses products and services?

With the answers to these question identified, we are then in a good starting position to design video content to market with.

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Creating smart effective video communication that works with all your online marketing

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At Glue Films we can create effective video marketing communications, we do this by identifying your online and social media video requirement, spending the time to learn about what makes your company tick and more importantly, who you want to reach.

We help you build a video content strategy that's right for you. We look for the stories behind your business or organisation - stories about what you do, your staff, customers and clients - and use them to communicate exactly what makes your business or organisation unique. Then we work with you to turn those stories into effective pieces of video content that deliver a measurable return on investment, contributing towards specific business objectives.

Professional films made by professional film makers

We deliver fully designed and tailor made video marketing promotions to your business requirements. Fully scripted with pre-designed shots storyboarded, filmed in high definition, professionally broadcast edited and image graded to a high end final production. We believe our films speak for themselves in quality and style. We only use professional film production talent, trained in film and TV with a strong background in commercial advertising.

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Lots to view

We have a large back catalogue of our film work here on the Glue Films site. In the menu tabs, you can find many examples of our work, our Glue video gallery, individual business case studies and film package pricing guides.

We also have a mini documentary which includes interviews with some of our past clients explaining how they used video marketing to advertise and build their brand and businesses.

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Lets chat

If your business is considering video marketing and embarking to reach a wider internet audience beyond the traditional advertising boundaries of radio and print advertising, please get in touch.

Recently Uploaded
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At Glue Films we offer a wide variety of production styles. The following films are examples of some of our most recently completed work.

Social Media
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| mobile | 07977 049 342 |
| email | hello@gluefilms.co.uk |
| address | glue films | 6 stort close | didcot | oxfordshire | ox11 7ur |

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